a drone flying in a cloudy sky where the sun goes down

Integrated Aerial Precision

We provide you with aerial intelligence and actions that help you do smart and precision-driven Agriculture leveraging drone technology and the power of data they generate.

a drone flying in a cloudy sky where the sun goes down

We Are Farmers, We Empower Farmers With Drone Technology

a drone flying in a cloudy sky where the sun goes down

Revolutionizing Agriculture With Drone-powered Solutions

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About Us

IAPrecision is the first-of-its-kind agricultural industry-focused drone technology and data analytics service enterprise in Nigeria. Our team combines expertise and years of experience in agriculture, aviation, technology and engineering, data science, survey, remote sensing, and geoinformatics to provide farmers with an end-to-end workflow featuring aerial mapping, early pest detection, and crop health, and field analysis with precision drone spraying. Empowering farmers to improve their farm efficiency, increase harvest yield for profitability, reduce operational cost and thus contribute to food security while eliminating hunger and poverty.

We pride ourselves as farmers who know drones and it is our vision to empower farmers in Nigeria and across Africa with technology that makes them soar in the practice of smart and sustainable agriculture.

How We Do It Better

For Agriculture to be efficient and sustainable, it must be data-driven and must employ smart technology


We fly and capture Data

We gather powerful, accurate aerial data for agriculture from a diverse range of sensors that are fit for the purpose


Generate valuable insight

We process and analyse field data to provide you with valuable insight that keeps you informed


We take action

Beyond knowing, you now have the tool to transform your diagnostic insights into effective actions

Our Solutions

Our sector expertise: Leverage our professional and scientific expertise coupled with decades of years experience in the agricultural and horticultural industry to deliver agric-solutions beyond the amazing technology.

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Automated and Precise Aerial Spraying Solution
Precision Drone Spraying

At Integrated Aerial Precision, we draw on years of experience in diverse agricultural and horticultural production landscapes, with agronomic and crop protection technology expertise to provide farmers with efficient and effective crop management.

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Efficient and Rapid Spreading Platform
Targeted Drone Broadcasting Operation

Our spreading system by means of drone flight operation is suitable for sowing seeds, spreading fertilisers, broadcasting granular agricultural inputs such as nematicides, liming materials, micro-nutrient, beneficial insects, microbes, baits, and aquaculture feeds which are between 0.5mm - 5mm granular size.

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Get actionable insights with intelligent drone data & analytics for precision agriculture
Digital Farm Passport

For agriculture to deliver a maximum level of productivity considering a sustainable and healthy planet; agriculture must be smart - Agriculture must go digital.

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Effective farm facilities and Infrastructure assessment with a high-resolution drones camera

Carrying out the inspection of agricultural assets such as greenhouses, farm structures, irrigation systems, and other facilities or components can be tedious, sometimes even herculean, time demanding and even undesirable efficiency at the end of the day.

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We tell your story from a whole new perspective, far above
Creative Aerial Contents (Drone Photography/Videos)

No one can tell the farmer's story better than the farmers. We are positioned to tell the brand story of your agricultural enterprise or engagement from above with unique aerial visuals from our drone platform.

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Why Choose us

We are farmers

Innovative end-to-end workflow

Certified drone operators

Agronomic advisory support

Experienced team

What you can expect from us

Result-oriented service

Actionable insights

Truth-worthy service

Commitment to safety

Autonomous drone operation

Farmer-to-Farmer Relationship

Our Partners and Clients

We work with partners who are technologically inclined and with clients who are convinced of our tech-driven solution and value proposition. Join the league of progressive farmers that engage us today

We are farmers, We empower farmers with drone technology.


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