Precision Drone Spraying

Automated and Precise Aerial Spraying Solutions

At Integrated Aerial Precision, we draw on years of experience in diverse agricultural and horticultural production landscapes, with agronomic and crop protection technology expertise to provide farmers with efficient and effective crop management. Utilising cutting-edge drone technology and innovative workflows we aim to improve farming efficiency.

Our mission is to help farmers reduce costs and increase harvest yields. As farmers, we understand how complex the challenges of the farming terrain are, but it is our promise 

to creatively use drone technology to alleviate and bring you the desired solutions that make you win always

We provide automated drone crop-spraying with our intelligent spray drone that saves labour, reduces operational costs and environmental impact whilst ensuring full and precise field coverage of pesticide and nutrient solutions to deal with crop pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies using GPS autonomy and radar assisted terrain-follow capabilities.

Autonomous Operation

Enabled through artificial intelligence, our drones can fly with no or little human input to deliver applicants effectively and efficiently leaving room for no human error.


Achieve high accuracy and precision while spraying fields leveraging in-built slope angle detection (Radar) and centimetre-level positioning systems that allow for superior navigation in most undulating terrain and heights.

Targeted application

High-volume pressure pumps and custom nozzle designs allows for optimised droplet sizes and consistency that provide you a desired spread of applicants on targets. Our multi-copter blades generate airflow that drives applicants into the plant canopy structure leaving no foliage untouched.


Coupled with firm agronomic understanding our pilots have received advanced training in aerial applications ensuring safety and high quality of application to all crops/targets

Ground Crew

With professional training in agrochemical management, our ground crew mixes up just the right amounts of inputs precisely when needed providing flexibility and avoiding waste.


With a spray rate of up to 6L/min, approximately spraying up to 8ha per hour; drones can swiftly save the day.

We offer the widest range of agro-inputs applications with our spray drones

  • Application of Herbicides and desiccants

  • Application of biostimulants, growth regulators, enzymes, and soluble fertilisers
  • Application of Insecticides, Acaricides, Biocides

  • Application of Fungicides and bactericides

  • Application of suitable Agro-inputs

Arable Crops

Our solution is suited to broadacre farming including grain crops such as maize, rice, wheat, pulse crops, oilseeds, or various stable crops like cassava and sugarcane which are reasonably cultivated at scale. Spraying with drones will allow farmers, farm managers, and agronomists to gain access to more convenient and efficient options that reduce operating costs, improves crop quality, and increases yield per hectare.

Specialty crops

These are crops that need some special care and management to grow. They mostly include horticultural crops either vegetables or tree crops and those considered cash crops. Our precision spray solution provides you a platform to adequately meet the specific need of crops either through a cross sessional spray of the field or spot spraying of individual trees or crop areas. We aim to walk with the farmers to make their production more cost-effective, protect crop quality and increase productivity.

Special Use-cases

Our sprayer drones are also being used for innovative and peculiar purposes such as public space sanitation, mosquito control, water body treatment, woodland or forest management, land conservation, and various sustainability efforts that can be greatly improved and efficiently delivered through our spray drone technology.

Advantages of Drone Spraying

There are dozens of merits for applying crop care products with drones, here are a few;

95% Water saving

Pesticides application per 1 ha requires just about 5 liters of working solution, which provides significant water saving

Up to 30% saving on Pesticides

Ultra-low-volume of pesticide solution droplets. More than 75% Applicant penetration within the plant canopy

Reduced GHG emission

Drones operations are powered with batteries contributing to the fight against global warming

Unrestricted access

Achieve efficient coverage in hard to reach areas on the farm such as swampy areas, wetlands, steep slopes, and undulated terrains

Health and Safety

Farmers and growers can be saved from overexposure to potentially hazardous agrochemicals.

We are farmers, We empower farmers with drone technology.


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